Gabriel Pitan Garcia - Janaina Torres

São Paulo Brasil

Gabriel Pitan Garcia

A member of the newest generation of Brazilian art, Gabriel Pitan Garcia boasts the marks of restlessness and experimentation, in a production with a strong personal imprint, conceived as an open diary, made of pages of challenging amplitude.

In paintings and, more recently, in drawings, refined during the pandemic period, Gabriel Pitan Garcia (São Paulo, 1994) sometimes captures his surroundings and the energy of the people around him; at other times, he dives into explicit records of an intimate and deep place. In both cases, Pitan Garcia wields a free gestural quality, without restricting himself to techniques, as he also freely explores supports and materials in order to give body to the work. Deploying the possibilities of drawing and collage, Pitan Garcia promotes the junction of cuttings, fabrics and papers, creating images that sometimes indicate portraits, sometimes construct landscapes dominated by strange creatures and body fragments. The reduced color palette (blacks, whites, ochres, and grays) further enhances the powers of a nervous but precise gesture. The same operation takes place on the canvases, conceived from the appropriation of objects, where impressions of their social and familiar surroundings result in a range of textures, imperfections, and volumes: pieces of clothing, wires, and plants, covered by thick layers of black acrylic paint, are thus caged on the canvas, as if challenging the perishableness – of the materials and of the emotional charge they contain. A graduate in Visual Arts at FAAP, Pitan Garcia, who now lives and works in Barcelona, Spain, was a member of Casa Dez Barra Doze, a collective of studios in São Paulo, and was one of the founders and managers of BREU, an independent artistic space, also in São Paulo, which hosted exhibitions, studios, courses, and debates.





Gabriel Pitan Garcia
Sopro, 2020
Carvão, caneta permanente, tinta acrílica, papel alumínio em papel fabriano
140 x 199 cm

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Gabriel Pitan Garcia
Sonífero, 2021
Acrílica, carvão, grafite, marcadores hidrográficos permanentes e tecido sobre papel
196.50 x 140 cm

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Uma volta

Gabriel Pitan Garcia
Uma volta, 2022
carvão, grafite, acrílica, óleo e impressão fotográfica sobre papel
155 x 210 cm

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Gabriel Pitan Garcia
EdredOhmmmm, 2021
Acrilica, carvão, papel alumínio, papel cartão sobre papel de algodão
219.50 x 150.50 cm

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¿Qué sé yo?

Gabriel Pitan Garcia
¿Qué sé yo?, 2020
Tinta acrílica, nanquim, caneta permanente e carvão sobre papel
80 x 50 cm

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Gabriel Pitan Garcia
Gota, 2022
Óleo, acrílica, grafite e carvão sobre papel
363 x 162.50 cm

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Equação de três momentos

Gabriel Pitan Garcia
Equação de três momentos, 2020
Naquim, acrílica e carvão sobre papel de seda
120 x 145 cm

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Dois lugares ao mesmo tempo

Gabriel Pitan Garcia
Dois lugares ao mesmo tempo, 2021
Acrílica, carvão e acetato sobre papel
200 x 280 cm

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