Zona Maco 2022 - Janaina Torres

São Paulo Brasil

9 Feb 13 Feb - STAND ZMS22

Zona Maco 2022

Invited by curator Luiza Teixeira de Freitas to be part of the Sur sector of Zona Maco 2022, which takes place between February 9th and 13th in Mexico City, Janaina Torres Galeria presents the work of two artists who use ceramics not only as a material for creation, but also as a poetic force: Andrey Guaianá Zignnatto and Paula Juchem.

“In dialogue, Juchem’s sculptural objects, which combine a distinct formal vocabulary, full of allegories and affectivities and Zignnatto’s almost mystical and full of energy relationship with the clay reaffirm the physical and archaeological character of the natural material”, writes Heloisa Amaral Peixoto in text for the project “Of the Nature of Things”, which started at the gallery in 2020 and now is part of the curatorial proposal of Zona Maco’s Sur section.

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