ArtRio 2020 - Janaina Torres

São Paulo Brasil

15 Oct 25 Oct - STAND V10

ArtRio 2020

At ArtRio 2020, we are pleased to present “A time-place that calls us”, a curatorial proposal with works by artists Andrey Zignnatto, Ricardo Siri and Sandra Mazzini, curated by Heloisa Amaral Peixoto. The proposal is made up of paintings, drawings, sculptures, objects and two outdoor projects/installations, which will be presented on video.

Under the theme “A time-place that calls us”, the curatorial proposal is to bring together and present a set of works by the three artists in which the creative process denotes a certain displacement of “time” and “place”, in works that are configured, at first glance, in their own unique territory.

These are artists who establish “a heritage of multicultural identity combined with a notion of belonging that is offered in a structure of an essentially poetic nature”, as Heloisa Amaral Peixoto defines it. “A more utopian and spiritualized symbolic time-place to inhabit will be unconditionally safe in the universe of possibilities of our imagination.”

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In the case of the outdoor projects/installations “Alicerce” by Andrey Zignnatto and “Ninho” by Ricardo Siri, which highlight the ideas of shelter, encounter and coexistence, their constructive and architectural configurations can be imagined as similar or close to those of pre-existing civilizations, in the highest and most remote extinct cultures, nomadic and fragile as a result.

Both projects/installations establish spatial, architectural and environmental relationships with the area in which they will be installed and invite the viewer to come closer and interact with them.

In the event of the project being incorporated by an institution, Janaina Torres Galeria is presenting a new type of institutional acquisition at the fair: the Donor format, in which collectors join forces to make it possible to donate the project to a specific institution.





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