Pinta Miami 2022 - Janaina Torres

São Paulo Brasil

30 Nov 4 Dec - STAND B5

Pinta Miami 2022

Stroke the land

Knowing land’s desires

Earth’s heat, the prosperous season

And fertilize the ground

Cio da Terra, Chico Buarque


The energy of the Earth, its cycles and layers are present in the project “Terra”, proposed by Janaina Torres Galeria for Pinta Miami 2022. Through works that carry the power of poetics unfolded in colors, graphics, twists, overlaps and materialities, that refer us to the nuclear essence of the element/planet.

In Portuguese, the word “Terra” can encompass both the element that comes from the soil and the planet we inhabit. In both cases, the word carries the idea of cycle, energy, vibration and wisdom. Through this telluric force and from the cycles of nature and ancient teachings for the treatment of the land, we reconnect with the vitality of our history and ancestors.



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